Theft Offense

Theft offenses

encompass a large number of crimes, all involving the taking of another person’s property, money or assets without their permission or consent. Property crimes, burglary, shoplifting, embezzlement, credit card abuse, writing bad checks, possession of stolen property, fraud, larceny, and robbery are all basic types of theft. Being arrested on theft charges is a serious offense with far-reaching consequences that affect reputation, job, career and community standing. Both misdemeanor and felony theft charges are handled by powerful attorneys who want to prosecute the fullest extent of the law and seek the toughest penalties possible for the crime at hand.


Theft convictions may result in very serious sentences, including jail or prison, and being branded as a liar and a thief for life. One can be required to spend years paying back whatever was alleged to have been taken as restitution debt, affecting credit to buy a car or home, raise a family. If you are not a US citizen, you face possible deportation.

Penalties differ in theft cases, mainly due to the value of the stolen property. Depending upon the circumstances of the crime, the penalties can be increased. For example, punishment for a theft crime committed with a firearm would include a longer prison sentence than one where no firearm was involved.

Involve legal counsel early on for best results:

Working with Watson Law Office, P.C., early on may avoid severe impact and a host of unpleasant results. In any case involving taking or destroying property, the victim’s statement will have a strong impact on the prosecutor’s position. We help our clients take a positive step towards protecting their rights, future and freedom by avoiding unintentional self-incrimination during police questioning – and more. At this early stage, we can skillfully craft a sophisticated defense against a full range of crimes against property.

Knowing the landscape:

Depending on the degree of offense degree/grade of offense charged and the unique circumstances surrounding the case, attorneys at Watson Law Office, P.C., may work with the prosecutor to arrange a plea bargain, or may move to have the case dismissed altogether. And understanding how crimes of theft are investigated by the police can come in handy when building a case. It is always our goal to fight for clients’ rights to be treated fairly.

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