Sex Offense

More than nearly any other crime, a charge for a sex offense can jeopardize a career, threaten a family, and destroy a reputation and a future, even before it goes to trial. Conviction exacerbates these problems. A sex crime conviction may range from probation to, in certain circumstances, a lifetime in jail. Probation for sex offenses is demanding, the consequences of violating probation quite serious: therapy for a lifetime and mandatory sex offender registration. Being labeled a sex offender governs where where one can live and work and life-damaging social consequences. Friends, business associates – even family members– may no longer wish to stay in contact.

Child sexual abuse images, one of the Internet’s fastest growing criminal segments

Photographs, films, or writings portraying minors produced, sold, distributed or merely viewed has become a multi-billion dollar commercial enterprise criminalized by state and federal laws, generally prosecuted in federal court. It’s easy to unwittingly commit this crime. Viewing an image on a website of someone thought to be an adult but actually under 18 can be charged as a crime. Unsolicited emails containing such images by anyone – even by accident or by someone other than the computer’s owner – can subject the computer owner to being accused of a crime. Given the alarming rise in child porn crime due to the ease and anonymity of technology to access, produce and distribute it—especially across international borders— laws are changing and defenses are evolving.

Overzealous prosecutors, false allegations, tough juries

Many sex crime allegations are actually entirely false, invented out of anger, for revenge, or in an attempt to gain custody of children in a divorce. Serious sex crime charges can be made by anyone regardless of physical evidence, and are often pursued by overzealous prosecutors.

In the case of child pornography, sting operations, politicians and the media have contributed to a frequently aggressive stance in prosecuting these offenses. Sexual assault juries are emotionally charged and biased in favor of the alleged victim, especially if there is suspicion of child molestation. Sex offenses routinely carry a “to life” sentence.

No witnesses frequently lead to false accusations; bringing them to light

Sex offenses are among the most nuanced, complicated, and complex crimes. Given that there often are no witnesses to these offenses, the risk of an innocent person being wrongfully convicted is generally higher in these cases. When appropriate, we employ the services of a private investigator to help establish a defense based on victim untruthfulness. Chuck Watson brings his savvy and thorough understanding of the evidence rules unique to these cases to an aggressive defense of his clients’ rights.

A seasoned attorney with cybercrimes and sex crimes defense experience

Watson Law Office, P.C., knows how to fight to get clients and evidence into trial and if necessary, in front of the jury, to convincingly argue case facts. If the FBI chooses to pursue charges, it is vital to work with a federal attorney with specific experience and a successful track record in this specific area of criminal law. Our attorneys compassionately embrace the humiliation our clients can suffer in what can be extended sex offense cases. Our clients can have confidence in our ability to make reasonable plea offers to consistently achieve favorable results and even get dismissals, time and again.

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