Medical Marijuana

Legal in almost half of the states, but evading consistent treatment in Montana

Cannabis Flower

The use of cannabis is allowed in approximately half of the United States.

The use of marijuana as an herbal remedy to treat pain dates back thousands of years. That’s why many states have enacted legislation to legalize the use of cannabis products. However, marijuana remains on the Schedule I list of highly prohibited drugs, and very stringent federal laws guide apply to it, most with mandatory minimum prison sentences. Where both medical marijuana and recreational use has been legalized, the industry is booming, and the number of dispensaries and registered users has skyrocketed. Yet, many want it governed by stricter guidelines. Police and prosecutors are spending countless sums to bust people for growing and using this reputedly harmless substance.

Gray areas around the green stuff

Contradictions in state versus federal laws governing medical marijuana are causing murky legal waters and tension between local law enforcement officials and federal authorities. People are on opposite sides of the issue, law enforcement and interpretation is challenging, loopholes and confusion abound, especially in Montana. Police, prosecutors and defense attorneys are scrambling to make sense of what is in bounds and what is not. Dispensary operators (“caregivers”) users, growers and the like have an increasing need to know their legal rights.

Montana’s Medical Marijuana authority

Medical Marijuana Laws

Watson Law is licensed to practice in several states.

Those who possess, cultivate, or distribute marijuana have an enormous need for attorneys who specialize in this new area of law and can sort out the legal technicalities. It’s crucial to seek counsel from a marijuana defense attorney with my dedication and knowhow. With an in-house marijuana specialist, we keep abreast of the newest sets of regulations and use our extensive experience and sophisticated training in marijuana law in other states to sort out creative ways to enjoy protection under the law and help clients fight charges. Our lengthy, successful track record includes getting charges reduced and dismissed, keeping clients out of jail, and getting illegally-seized pot and money returned to the rightful owners… in multiple states!

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