Assault Offense

Being charged with assault in Montana and facing a felony conviction can mean years of lost freedom. For a misdemeanor charge, personal rights can always be at stake. The degree of assault depends upon whether an injury was inflicted, and its severity. Often those accused of assault mistakenly assume that the consequences will fit their view of the gravity of their actions. It is critical to recognize:

  • An assault conviction can leave a permanent mark on a criminal record, with infinite “lookback” if another legal problem occurs in the future.
  • Even if little or no actual physical assault took place, conviction for partner assault, family member assault, and domestic violence crimes can be pivotal, life-altering events.
  • Second and third offenses in the realm of assault and domestic assault are much more serious, with jail or prison time a distinct possibility.
  • An assault involving domestic violence can result in a conviction results in a mandatory lifetime weapons ban.

Investigation, Strategy and Negotiating Skills

Before and during a trial Chuck Watson provides a vigorous defense against charges including felony assault, domestic violence, aggravated assault, aggravated battery, felony battery, assault with a deadly weapon, and misdemeanor assault or battery. Many assault charges come down to “he said-she said” evidence. At times like these, Chuck Watson digs into cases with quality private investigators. His diligent pursuit of physical evidence and witness testimony helps target a just acquittal or dismissal. Intensive research, use of expert witnesses, and knowledge of the criminal investigations process are often part of his comprehensive strategy in assault cases that gets results. Watson is the master of prosecutorial negotiating for an outcome that leaves his clients’ future intact.