Practice Areas

Watson Law Office works for clients in many different practice areas. Call or click here for a free consultation.

Animal Bite

Whether you or a loved one has suffered an animal bite, we offer experience and diligent representation to ensure your rights are protected, against aggressive defense attorneys and insurance companies alike.

Auto Accident

Our experienced attorneys are well-versed in the navigation of an auto accident case, from start to finish. Whether you seek a settlement or litigation, Watson Law Office, P.C., is equipped to represent your needs.

Civil Rights

Watson Law Office, P.C., attorneys have a storied history in representing civil rights. Indeed, Chuck Watson received an NAACP award for his courageous representation of a client in Georgia.

Criminal Law

Watson Law Office, P.C., has attorneys licensed in Montana and California, prepared to represent clients on any and all criminal charges. Learn more by clicking here.


From DUI to DWI, Watson Law Office, P.C., has hundreds of criminal cases in experience and an excellent network of resources to help resolve your case quickly. Learn more here.

Domestic Violence

If you have been charged with a domestic violence crime, do not hesitate to contact Watson Law Office, P.C., to represent your interests immediately.

Drug Crimes

Specializing in drug crimes in both Montana and California, Watson Law Office, P.C., has led the charge against the criminalization of marijuana, as well as blind incarceration of drug crimes offenders. Chuck Watson was a founding force behind the drug court in Gallatin County, which champions alternatives to incarceration, including rehabilitation programs for convicted persons. Learn more here.

Interstate Crime

Watson Law attorneys are proficient in interstate crime, including federal crimes, drug interdiction, and other interstate issues. For a closer look at our federal practice, please visit our federal criminal law website. Otherwise, we are available to discuss any and every interstate criminal matter, either in person with a free criminal consultation or over the phone. Contact us at (406) 586-4707 to set up your appointment today.

Juvenile Crimes

If you or your child has been charged with a juvenile crime, do not hesitate to contact Watson Law Office, P.C., to represent your interests immediately.

Marijuana and Medical Marijuana

Watson Law Office, P.C., represents clients against charges of cultivation, possession, and distribution of marijuana in both Montana and California. While many of these cases can be resolved relatively quickly, our attorneys are well-versed in some of the biggest marijuana cases this country has ever seen. Learn more here.

Misdemeanor Expungement

We believe your past should not dictate who you’ve become, and it certainly doesn’t always reflect what you’ve learned over the years! With a new law in effect, you can now seek expungement for any and/or all misdemeanors that stain your record. We offer free consultations at (406) 486-4707. It may, literally, take only one phone call!

Personal Injury

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident of any kind, contact the capable attorneys at Watson Law Office, P.C., for a free consultation and analysis of your case.

Professional Licensing

Watson Law Office, P.C., understands the implications a criminal conviction may have on a professional career, which is why we offer customized representation with creative plea-dealing to ensure the continued safety of your professional license. For more information, click here.

Sex Crimes

Whether you are attempting to deregister as a sex offender, or you are defending against sex crime charges for the first time, Watson Law Office, P.C., has decades of experience to support your case. Learn more here.

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